Student Resources

The APA Committee on Aging’s newest resource, Exploring Careers in Aging is now live! It’s a step-by-step educational roadmap to help undergraduate and graduate students find a career in aging.

The Roadmaps – one for undergraduate and one for graduate students – provide guidance in thinking about potential research, practice and academic careers in aging including:

  • Specific questions to consider at each educational level from pre-undergraduate to graduate.
  • Actions to take at each educational level to be prepared and positioned to embark on a career in aging.
  • Resources (directories of programs in psychology and gerontology, academic resources, preparing for graduate school, networking, and how to prepare for a job search).
  • Career profiles and descriptions of a wide variety of aging careers, including those in psychology.
  • Interdisciplinary careers that intersect with aging including those in engineering, business, law and policy, and biological and health sciences.